Zooarchaeology Saves the World

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An online conference

Hosted by the School of History, Archaeology, and Religion at Cardiff University

May 10th-May 31st

Conference hashtag: #ZooarchTheWorld

Our event invites you to get involved in a novel online conference format to foster activity, engagement, inclusivity and diversity through experimentation.

We believe that an online forum can maximize accessibility and diversity. We welcome suggestions for increasing our reach to all communities.

If the format isn’t working for you tell us how to change at ZooarchTheWorld@gmail.com

How can the study of long dead animals impact the world around us? We live in a period of pressing issues: climate change, social justice, zoonotic diseases, changing economies, decolonization, rising inequality, and threats to both higher education and the practice of archaeology.

We invite abstract submissions for short contributions that focus on how the field of zooarchaeology can contribute to these topics and others.

The event will be free to all presenters and attendees.

While the focus of the conference is the field of zooarchaeology (defined broadly), we encourage all who engage in any way with zooarchaeological data and methods, at any stage of their career, to apply and participate.

Participants can include those who study human-animal interactions in the past (archaeologists, art historians, classicists, historians) and those focused on the present (animal scientists, agricultural scientists, biologists/ecologists, science communicators, shepherds).

While one conference about one small field might not save the world, it can help us mobilise. We aim for this event to stimulate productive conversations about impact, meaning, and interdisciplinarity.

An experimental online conference

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